Monday, May 3, 2010

The Start of an Army

What's up, guys! So I wanted to take some pics and show you guys where I'm starting from. I pulled out a Unit of Fire Warriors, a Broadside, a Hammerhead, and a Crisis suit to give you an idea of what this army looks like right now. The paint job isn't phenomenal, but it's consistent... unfortunately, it's not up to my anal painting standards, nor is it what I want my army to look like sooooo... repainting time!

You can get a general idea of the look of the army as it stands by looking at this pic (you can also get a teaser of my new scheme if you look in the background). I think the original painter was going for a T'au Sept theme, but the orange coat and reddish wash just isn't cutting it for me. I like a lot of detail when I paint models, especially the GW stuff which tends to be a bit more cookie cutter. You've got to give them uniqueness in the paint, otherwise it's just a mass of color.

Here's a better look at the Fire Warriors. Like I said before, it's not a BAD paint job, but it's not what I want. I'm leaning toward more of a Sa'Cea Sept look, which isn't orange. The biggest hurdle on the trooper models i that the paint that was used is fairly thick. I tried using Mean Green cleaner to strip them before, but I couldn't get it cleaned off well enough to make a difference in a short enough time to keep from melting the models. I've found on the models I've started on so far that multiple coats of thin paint covers the current coat while keeping the details mostly in tact.

I love me some broadsides. 72" of reach out and touch ya with a St10 AP1? Yes please. Add to that it being Twin-Linked and you're looking at a sure tank killer. Seems a shame that such an awesome unit that's no doubt a hero of many battles (you don't get to be a Broadsword controller for being a chump, ya know!) was left so very... plain. One thing you guys will learn about me is that I'm a story teller. I'll post my units up as I finish them, and as I do, I can promise you you'll get a background for each one. That's how I roll ;)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? There's barely ANY Detail work on this tank. It's just a basecoat and a blotchy wash and a few highlight colors. This guy clearly didn't have the Codex handy when he was painting. Once I'm done you'll see a more traditional Tau style camo scheme and a lot more details. Details are goooood.

I like the pilot, though. Too bad he's not the right color scheme :D

And lastly, ye old Crisis Suit. Same as with the Broadside, he's relatively uninspired and plane. At least this guy has a unit marking on his chest plate instead of being completely non-descript. I'll fix that :D

I've got my work cut out for me on this army. Trying to keep it looking good while painting over old work is difficult at best. I prefer to paint things in bits and assemble as I go so I can get to all of those hard to reach areas. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice on this one. Believe me, trying to cover up bright orange with dark greys is TOUGH in those tiny nooks and crannies!

Hopefully, I'll be able to show you that Fire Warrior team you're seeing in the background completed by the end of the week.

Prosper, as Tau shall.

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