We can rebuild them...

So at this point, it's become a project! After several moves, and several years of non-use (and my kids finding them and playing with them) my models - which already weren't up to my standards - have fallen into disrepair. So that's what this page is for. This will be a photo journey through rebuilding my army to its glory, one model at a time.

Stay tuned to this page as I add new pictures of models finished, and units ready for action! It should be fun to watch the progression!

Update 3:
The latest update! O'Suam is completed, as is one of my Broadsides. I also updated my Crisis suits' loadouts and finished them up as well. More pics as I'm finished!


O'Suam (Top):

  O'Suam (Front):

O'Suam (Back):


 Broadside (Front):

 Broadside (Back):

Update 2:
As promised, here's pics of the Kroot and Firewarriors in side by side comparison. Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love any feedback!
Painted Kroot:

Unpainted Kroot:


Painted Fire Warriors:

Unpainted Fire Warriors:


Shas'la Close-up Comparison:

Shas'ui Close-up Comparison:

Update 1:
I already have a batch of Fire Warriors done from before, and a batch of Kroot were already beautifully finished from when I first got the army. I'll post pics of those next. But first! Here's a comparison pic with my first finished Crisis suit, and one bearing the colors from when I got the army:

 Stay tuned for further updates!

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