Monday, May 3, 2010

The Dawn of War

So about two years ago now, I was given a Tau army as payment for painting some models for a buddy of mine. I'd been thinking really seriously about getting into Warhammer 40k, so when my friend offered a trade for my painting, I couldn't say no.

I'd been playing Warmachine and Hordes pretty heavily, and loving it, but I wanted something bigger and badder. The idea of the grand, sweeping battles, and massive contingents of troops was too good to pass up. I'd been eyeing the Space Marines, but couldn't really afford to buy the army, so Tau it was. Best part? I liked them. The more I read of the codex, the more I liked them, fluff and all. So I was pretty damn happy with my deal.

So I went out, got the Warmhammer 40k 5th edition rules, and started plugging away at making my first army list. I got about 3 battles in (getting crushed each time) before life took me away from Top Deck Games in Tulsa, OK, and moved me 1,200 miles away to Philadelphia, PA. That sort of killed my table top gaming for a while. Bummer!

So recently, life has slowed down to a dull roar again and I've been reading through my Warhammer 40k rulebook again. My Tau have been collecting dust under my desk, longing for the call of battle. And dammit, I can't take it anymore!

I've tracked down a couple of game shops in the area, and I've got my Tau back out of their case. They are in dire need of a new paint job (the one the had when I get them was passable, but not my style), and I need to modify my personnel loadout a bit to field them and get them ready to fight... but really, I need to learn tactics.

So that's why I'm writing this blog. I was planning on keeping a logbook of battles and tactics that worked and didn't work, as well as army lists and notes on modeling and what have you, so then I thought, why not share it? I'm more likely to type than I am write, so it's blogging time! You can expect a lot of updates out of me as time goes on. At first, I'll be talking about painting and what have you as I get my army fighting fit, but once I get onto the table again, I'll be posting battle reports, tactica, and army lists too.

Keep your eyes open :) It should be fun!

Prosper, as Tau shall!

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