Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pathfinders Ahoy!

So I finally fleshed out the last of my Pathfinders. When I originally started playing Tau, I really didn't understand what they were for. Kept trying to sacrifice the Markerlights for Rail rifles. What was I thinking?

Marker drones are a constant part of my army now, too. They're more expensive than a Fire Warrior, but add them to a unit of Crisis suits and you're suddenly hitting on a 3+. Yeah, that works for me.

One of the tweaks I made to Tau of War's army list was the inclusion of Marker Drones. It's a steep cost, but when going up against foes like the Space Marines, isn't a better chance to hit worth it? I definitely think so. Kill them before they can assault you.

So don't forget your laser-pointer-toting friends in your army list. They'll never steer you wrong.

Prosper, as Tau shall.


  1. You fell into the Pathfinder rail riffle trap as well. They just look too cool. Shame they never survived first contact to actually use them.

    I agree about the marker drones. I have been adding them to Stealth teams lately. They give the team a big, expensive footprint but can be worth it. I have also been playing with them in Firewarrior teams. In this case I save them for the stationary squads that have to hold objectives.

  2. Heck yeah! They're fantsatic for Firewarrior teams in that capacity. One other thing I've been considering lately is doing the marker drone and a gun drone. Pinning can be handy for keeping people off of an objective, and the marker drone will do a great job of knocking doen their Ld. It's not a given, but when your army is as squishy as ours is, every bit helps!