Monday, May 10, 2010

Army List Fox Paws

kay... first of all... I know it's faux pas, so don't yell at me for my spelling :P

Second of all... I need to actually READ my Codex and THINK about what I'm doing.

Jacob from Advanced Tau Tactica left me some awesome guidance and crits on my list, but I was starting to realize that I'm a tard even before that. Markerlights on Crisis suits? WTF >_<

So yeah, I'm going to be completely redrafting that list, taking some of Jacob's suggestions, as well as some of the changes that I want to make. I'm also putting some more thought into my selections from a fluff point of view. I think I've mentioned "The Firebreather", my Tau General character, before on here (can't remember for sure), but I've got a whole back story based on him, and I'm planning on sort of restructuring my army to be more reflective of his style. His style is my style, so it's not much of a deviation from the list I've got here, but it is a deviation. Plus, it will make changing the army even more fun as I develop reasons for the change, and start giving character to my units (kill ticks on the pulse rifles anyone? :D)

I other news, I STILL haven't gotten to play a battle yet (good thing too, since my list was illegal) but it's looking like this Friday will be my return to the table top. (famous last words). I'll be sure and post a battle report of how things good. I think I'll be playing an Ork opponent, so it should be an interesting match up :D

Prosper, as Tau shall!

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