Saturday, March 23, 2013

O'Suam's Boys...

So here we go! O'Suam's battle group is starting to come together! I'm really happy with how the overall theme is coming together for my Tau. I can't wait to have a full 500 points ready to battle. From there it gets very easy to point up the remaining larger pieces (tanks, etc) to fill out my lists. You can checkout close up shots of O'Suam and the Broadside on the "We Can Rebuild Them..." page. 

I've got a good bit of work done on the next group (stripped, base coated, initial color paints done), so I should have two units of Fire Warriors available soon.

On another note, I trashed a bunch of figures the other day. Some of my Fire Warriors were just too ooked up by the previous paint job to meet my needs, so I didn't bother with keeping them. I still have four full squads of Fire Warriors, and about eight spares in case of breakage. My Kroot also suffered some "Casualties" after due to badly broken guns etc, or just not coming out of the stripping process well. I've still got plenty (enough to deploy over 2000 points if need be), so I'm not stressing it. Of course, depending on how the new Codex looks, I could be screwed either way lol. SO looking forward to the new Codex! Can't even CONTAIN it :D

Talk soon, followers of the Greater Good!

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