Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bleeding Colors

Lord have MERCY it's been nuts at work lately! I'm working 45 hours a week on average, and large chunks of my nights. The bonus - I guess - is that when I reach 42 hours by Thursday, I get to leave on Friday at noon lol. On the plus side: I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. On the down side, I don't get nearly enough time to work on my models, or my other projects.

But I digress! A comment on the Advanced Tau Tactica forums lead me to reconsider stripping my Tau. My initial attempts had bee unsuccessfuly, but the maybes started creeping in (Maybe I didn't soak them long enough, maybe I was using the wrong cleaning product, etc etc). So, I headed over to Ye Olde Home Depot and picked up a bottle of Simple Green and dunked my Kroot in.

The Kroot that were just painted a flat green, cleaned up perfectly, but the one that I tested that was fully painted barely cleaned up at all. Large amounts of his topcoat stayed on, and most of the base coat. Bummer... So I figured, why not try my Firewarriors. Same deal! More of the top coat came off on these guys, but that white undercoat ain't going ANYWHERE. I don't know what the original painter used, but lordy if it isn't durable.

The problem is, it's that base coat that's causing me to lose my details and have chunky looking paint jobs. When I basecoat new models, I do it by hand, using a flat black paint that Reaper puts out in their Pro Series. It hugs to all the crevices and crannies and gives me a fantastic, solid base coat without looking any detail. Painting over it is a dream. These Tau guys... not so much.

So I'm soaking them again, hoping that maybe now that I've cracked the surface in some places I can scrub the rest of the paint off and get some semblance of clean models to work with.

I forgot to take pictures of the last round, but I'll snap shots of this round for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks for reading guys! Prosper, as Tau shall!

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