Sunday, August 5, 2012

Plasma and Vespids...

I've been re-reading my Tau codex and the new 6th Ed rules, and I have to say that I'm really amazed at how pitiful my previous army lists were. No plasma at all? What was I thinking? No wonder I could never beat the Space Marines I was up against.

So, I'm revamping (changing out the gun on my Crisis too, since I modeled him with a burst cannon), and considering adding Vespids to my army. Be a bit before I could do that, but used properly, they could be a nice Flank-and-Pick unit to lighten the oncoming swath of troopers coming my way.

With their massive movement (12" in the movement phase) they can get around the battlefield relatively easily. Their short gun range is made up for my their movement, even though it does put them in range of assaults. That's fine, though, since if I'm careful, I can keep them in cover on most standard battlefields.

Ponder ponder...

I'm still playing around with O'Suam's backstory, too (my Crisis commander). I'll post that up here soon.

Prosper, as Tau shall!

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