Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Long Lost General Returns...

So it's been over two years. I've moved away from Philly, I'm no longer with my wife (still fighting to battle to get my kid back - OY!), moved to Florida, got a new job, made new friends, found the love of my life... and I've finally dug out my Tau army again. Oh, my friends, it's time. It's been far to long since I've stepped onto the field of battle, my Tau warriors with guns blazing hot. My chances to find a crew to play with have improved as well. I live less than five minutes from a comic book shop that has a weekly 40k night. That, along with the release of 6th edition and the slew of rumors regarding a new codex coming out, make this a perfect time for me to return to the game.

I'm tossing out my previous army lists in order to rebuild some new ones. I've started playing around with a 500pt army to start (I know, barely a flash in the pan, but you gotta start somewhere!). Here's a pic of what I'm starting with:

As you can see, my Crisis suits have seen better days. Both of them are standing on their own volition now, which pleases me. They just need a mad paint job to get them up to my standards. The Kroot at the bottom left are painted beautifully by someone other than me (original paint job when I got this army) and won't be touched. I painted their Kroothound last night. The Fire Warriors are already finished as well, painted by me before my hiatus. That's the theme my army will take; I love that urban camo feel. I'll try and get some better pictures soon.

So, before I can field these guys I need:
  1. Mass repairs on my Crisis suits and a paint job
  2. Paint job on my Crisis commander,
  3. Clean up and paint the last Kroot unit
And then boom, I'm on the field. I've already got an Ork player who's been looking for some action. He's relatively new to the game, and I'm rusty as all hell, so that should be a good match. Stay tuned for battle reports and check out my new "We Can Rebuild Them..." page to track my progress rebuilding and refurbishing my army. I'll also be posting any nifty tactics or methods that I pick up so my fellow Tau players can use them too.

Prosper, as Tau Shall!

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